Founder and Chairman’s Message

Founded in September 2013, United BioPharma is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and manufacture of monoclonal antibody medicines for treatment of infectious and immunological diseases. With the corporate’s mission as “We care, We invent, We share”, we dedicate to human health and unmet medical needs, and utilize our professional capabilities to create biological drugs that can improve the quality of life, and share the benefits and values generated with our patients, employees, shareholders and all stakeholders.

United BioPharma has recruited outstanding talents, and established an excellent professional team with expertise in product development from cell lines to clinical program. United BioPharma has also built a series of complete and vertically integrated technology platforms, as well as first-class laboratories and state-of-the-art , industrial scale, manufacturing facilities with quality meeting the international standards. United BioPharma possesses not only the high-level antibody drug development technologies and manufacture process, but also a set of drug pipeline with great market potential. Three monoclonal antibody drug candidates have entered late-stage clinical trials (phase II and phase III). Therefore, I am full of confidence and expectation for United Biopharma’s current development status, and its potential to grow further and future prospect.

To prepare for the company′s bright future and sustainable development, United BioPharma will continue to leverage the wisdom and experiences from all employees, will work diligently and cooperatively among teams, and be open minded and accountable. Together, we will make the company grow healthily and prosperously, and bring short- and long-term benefits to the employees, shareholders and all stakeholders. 

Chairperson of United BioPharma

James Chui